We help expert entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators build high profile personal brands through video marketing so that they can increase profits, grow their thought leadership, and reach their highest level of entrepreneurial success.

premium video MARKETING for premium clients

Video Crafted At The Highest Level

Anyone can hire a video guy or studio to shoot video, but where do you go from there? You’re not just anyone, you see the big picture and understand that video content is a valuable asset, but it must be handled properly in order to have power! You are a professional and don’t have time to drop everything and learn the YouTube or Facebook algorithm. You appreciate the difference it makes to have a highly skilled team on your side, handling every detail from start to finish.

Thought Leader Positioning

We are experts at positioning you as a thought leader and influencer by channeling your expertise and experience through video. It’s not just about making you look great, but making you the authority in your niche.

Campaign- Focused

Because we are marketers first, we are masters at designing video campaigns that help you reach your goals, build your audience, and build your personal brand empire.

Strategic Audience Targeting

Video Marketing is not just about creating killer content and the best quality video, it’s also about knowing precisely how to call in your ideal client and target market, which is our forte.

Carefully Crafted Video

You know your content.  It’s thoughtful, authentic and inspirational, but does it create a loyal brand following, increase your profits in multiple areas, and emphasize our credibility? It can, and we will show you our exact path to making your video content your most valuable business asset.


VIP Video Week

The VIP Video Week is for you if you are a busy entrepreneur that has a deep desire to show up as the star you truly are! You are the type of person that values details and serves your clients with exceptional expertise.  You know the importance of video content, and you are ready to elevate your influence, impact and sales to the highest level! 

This production experience is custom crafted to be high-touch, high-level, and generate only the highest production value. All you have to do is get to St. Louis and we take care of the rest. We handle every detail from your beautiful accommodations to hair & makeup! 

We co-create your signature content with you in a way that allows you to feel comfortable, prepared, polished, and supported by our team of experts.  Within 3-4 week, we hand you over 500 pieces of individual content from long form video, social graphics, social media posts, and more.  You’l never be without content again!

OUR group program

High Ticket & High Profile

Our exclusive Mastermind group of on-the-rise experts, coaches, consultants, and online course creators who want to build a high ticket and high profile coaching brand from start to finish, harnessing the power of video, social media, funnels, and branding, so that they can launch their programs, build their audience, and scale their business. 


Video Ad Campaigns

Once you have all that beautiful video, what do you do with it? Retain my experienced team of video editors, graphic designers, and Ads Specialists who take the hassle out of getting ROI from your videos… so that you can focus on building your empire. 



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If you are anything like our exceptional clients, you...

Are a leader.

You’re a successful entrepreneur or leader in your field and have an exceptional level of expertise and experience.

Are on a mission.

You’re on a mission to get your message to the masses, change the world, and build your ultimate legacy .

Want to be visible.

Visibility to you isn’t just about being seen, but how you’re seen. You value a truly professional and high end presentation in everything you do.

Are on the rise.

You have achieved amazing things and know that video and content is important, but you simply don’t have the time to create daily content.



You can't stand out as THE go-to thought leader in your industry
when your marketing just blends in.

kate schnetzer marketing

About Us

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most important powerhouses in their industries as well as global leaders, both within my own company and as the Executive Producer of Female Entrepreneur TV.

I, along with my brilliant business partner JoAnn Bryant, created Kate Schnetzer Marketing as a boutique, exclusive, and agile video content marketing agency designed to cater to on-the-rise thought leaders who are going full out in their mission to change the world with their message.

Our cutting edge team of video marketers, marketing strategists, project managers, graphic designers, copywriters, and video editors are all passionate about helping you reach your highest level of entrepreneurial success.

you're in the right place

We don't just elevate your brand...

Increased Speaking Fees

Our clients have not only been able to significantly increase their speaking fees, but they are booked for more opportunities as they were able to provide elevated collateral to event organizers.

More Profitable Launches

Our clients have more profitable book, course, product, and service launches. They report more sales and the ability to charge premium prices, as they’ve now significantly elevated their brand after working with us;

Easier Sales

Our clients report that their pipelines are fuller and that they are able to close sales easier, as the prospect has already built know, like, and trust with them through their videos.

More time.

Our unique batch filming and content omnipresence repurposing process means that you just spend a few days with us and. in turn, are handed 4-12 months worth of social media, blog, video, and graphic content so you can focus on what you do best.




Behind The Scenes




7 -Figure Video Secrets Masterclass

✔️ What types of video content to create to get on the good side of algorithms and explode your reach and message…

✔️The 46E’s of killer video content and how to sell your programs and offer without losing yourself or your authenticity in the process…

✔️ How to make it look like you’re a born natural even if you have no experience and feel uncomfortable in front of the camera…



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