The 14 Day Personal Brand Launch With You Program

The Immersive Done-With-You Coaching Program To Launch Your Personal Brand Business in Just 14 Days

Create Your Service and Sales Strategy

Build Your Online Marketing Presence

Launch Your

You want to use your life experience or expertise to launch your business..
but where do you start?

Launching Can Be Very Overwhelming...
✔️ There are Offers to Craft
Funnels to Build
✔️ Content to Plan and Create
✔️ Videos to Film
✔️ Emails to Write
✔️ Services to Sell
Perfection and procrastination have you paralyzed...

We're Going To Help You Launch In

Why 14 days? Because in such uncertain times, THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. We don’t know what the future hold, how the market will shift, and what life looks like even a month from now. So we will SPRINT TO THE FINISH so that you can get going NOW.

In the 14 Day Launch With You program, we hold your hand while you launch your profitable personal brand faster than you thought possible.

Define your who, why, what, and your "One Thing"

You have experience and passion, but who do you want to serve? How? And what is the one thing you want to help them accomplish through what you do? 

Craft, plan, price, and productize your service or offer

You will craft your profitable offer from soup to nuts, ensuring you have an offer that your dream clients are clamoring for. 

Set up and optimize vital systems for your business

You’ll learn exactly what systems, software, and programs you need to succeed and we’ll help you set them up and optimize them for your purposes- from prospecting 

Master finding, attracting, and selling to your dream client

We will teach you how to identify, find, attract, prospect, and most importantly, how to close the sale with your ideal client so that you can impact more lives and generate consistent revenue.

Create your public facing marketing assets- landing page, funnels, and social media

Creating marketing assets that not only position you as the expert but also sell what you offer like hotcakes, you need professional, cohesive, connected assets .

Pump out riveting content quickly easily, and have fun while doing it

You’ll learn the same system we use for our high ticket 1:1 clients in pumping out large amounts of highly engaging and highly profitable content with ease. 

Every day that you don't launch you're leaving money on the table, delaying your progress, and moving you further from your dream life.

The 14 Day Expert Brand Launch is for...

...and anyone who wants to use their life experience, knowledge,
and passion to launch their business fast.



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How We Launch WITH You in Just 14 Days


Attend Live Class Every Morning

Every weekday morning, you’ll start the day with an immersive hands-on group training with an expert on our team where we will show you how to accomplish that day’s goals. If you can’t make it live, the replay will be available.


You'll implement what you learned

After your morning class, you’ll spend the day implementing what you’ve learned that morning. You’ll following our daily step-by-step agenda to keep you on task on on schedule.


Live Coaching Every Evening

Each evening, you’ll join us for a group accountability, show and tell, and troubleshooting. 
If you can’t make it live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and watch the replay later.


Chat Support From Our Client Support Team

If you’re not techy, not to worry. You’ll have chat access to our helpful and patient Client Support Team, who can help you if you get stuck, if something isn’t working properly, or you’re having an issue. They’re available to make sure you never fall behind.


All of KSM's Proprietary Launching Tools

We give you a MASSIVE shortcut by giving you exclusive access to KSM’s templates, funnels, documents, swipe files, contracts, pipelines, workflows, and scripts. These are the sales and marketing assets we use EVERYDAY for our 7-8 figure clients, making many pieces of your launch plug and play!


An Immediate Supportive and Driven Network

From the very first day we begin, you’ll have a supportive network of other driven female entrepreneurs, just like you, who are excited to support, provide feedback, share ideas, and refer business. Make lifelong business besties.


BONUS- 14 ADDITIONAL Days of Coaching and Support

After our first 14 days of Launching, we don’t just kick you out of the nest. You’ll receive an additional 14 days of group coaching support so that you can get feedback, share your wins, and be supported over hurdles.

JoAnn Bryant and Kate Schnetzer
Owner of Kate Schnetzer Marketing


Imagine 2 weeks from now having a business that you LOVE, built from the ground up with tried and true best business practices…

Imagine 2 weeks from now having a business that not only lights you up, but supports your family for years to come…

Imagine 2 weeks from now having everything in place that you need to launch to the world and profit immediately…

Hey, you are AMAZING in every way and you can certainly launch your business dream all on your own. 

But it may take months or even years. 

That’s months or years that you could be living your dream instead of staying stuck, paralyzed by overwhelm, or feeling lost because you don’t know how to put all the pieces together.

Instead, surround yourself with some of the best and brightest in the industry ready to partner with you to create your strategy, services, systems, content, and entire launch campaign…. 

All in 14 days….



You might walk into the intensive paralyzed with overwhelm with your launch. But you’ll leave with a clear plan to launch and scale your business without the overwhelm and support along the way.