2 Ways to Tell if Your Content is Quality

How do you know if your content is actually… well… any good? 

Unpopular opinion but if you’re just pumping out content just for the sake of it, you’re wasting your time. 

If you’ve never even thought to try to figure out if your content is moving the needle for your business, I want you to start looking at 2 very simple and easy things. Don’t overcomplicate this. Don’t stress over this. But it IS time to get your head out of the sand and start working smarter, not harder. 


The first thing that you want to do is to take a look at the data. 

1. How did it perform? 

2. How much engagement did you get on it? 

3. Did people watch the video, for example? 

4. Did people engage on the post? 

5. Did people share it?

6. In what ways did they interact with the post?

Now, you can put out what you think is great content, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to your target market thinking the same. 

It’s not enough to look at the straight numbers. What you want to look at is the percentages. 

For example, if you have 100 followers and 10 video views, kudos to you! That’s a respectable percentage of viewers. 

If you have 100,000 followers and 10 video views… well.. Sorry to say but that piece of content bombed big time. 

Nothing hurt though. Now you know and can make adjustments for the future. And by examining this data regularly, you can set baseline numbers and benchmarks for improvement. 

Watch the video about the best ways to tell if your content is crushing it or if it’s crushing you!

Did it get results?

The first question you should ask yourself is “Did this piece of content DO what I wanted it to?”

For some of you, you might be raising an eyebrow at me. “Kate, I’m just putting out content because I’ve been told I have to.”

No longer, my friend. Today is the day where you will begin to set intentions for your posts.

No more content churn for content sake. 

Here are some intentions you can start to think about

  • I want to make more people aware of who I am
  • I want to make more people aware of who I help
  • I want to make more people aware of what services I provide
  • I want to create more conversation in the post
  • I want to get at least 1 call booked
  • I want to get at least 5 email optins 
  • I want to lead someone to watch a second video of mine
  • I want more people to find me and follow me

These are just a few examples of intentions and goals that you can set for your content. 

When you set these intentions and goals for your posts, you can objectively look and determine if they did what you intended or if its missed the mark. 

The Power of Content

This is why content is so powerful. It allows you to tel you r target market, their pain points, their interests, what kinda of content they want to consume, what they take action on, and it allows you to understand how to effectively position yourself in the market 

But you benefit fully from your content creation without planning, strategy, awareness, and reviewing your content. 

Let me know in the comment- do you set goals and do you review your content performance regularly? If not, how do you feel about starting?!

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