No more hiding in the shadows.
No more looking low budget.
No more anonymity for you, my friend.
It’s YOUR time.
It’s time to become a Vidfluencer.

Are You…

✔️Selling high ticket but looking low budget in your videos?
✔️Already successful and simply too busy to hassle with all of this video and content that you’re told you need to create?
✔️Frustrated that your content doesn’t attract the high ticket clients you know you can get results for?
✔️Finding that word of mouth and referrals just aren’t cutting it anymore and you want to scale?
✔️Feeling like your personal brand is becoming invisible in an increasingly digital world?


✔️Having all of your months of your video content professionally planned, produced, edited, released, and managed for you, with only a few days commitment from you?

✔️ Having your own genuine, authentic content team, that knows how to make YOU and YOUR MESSAGE shine through (without the HR hassle and expense)

✔️Never having to rack your brain to come up with which video you should create today- it just magically appears on your social media…

✔️Filling up your pipeline with warm leads who are excited about your mission and can’t wait to work with you.

BECOME A Vidfluencer

vidfluencer noun

vid·​flu·​enc·​er | \ vid-ˌflü-ən(t)-sər

Definition of vidfluencer

one who exerts influence in their niche or industry through video content a person who inspires or guides the actions of others by leveraging the power of video content

Vidfluencer PROCESS

Our one-of-a-kind process of how we create your omnipresence online through video and make you a Vidfluencer!

1. Kick Start

My team and I immerse ourselves in your brand, goals, and vision and plan your epic content, we make all the arrangements, and get you ready to become a Vidfluencer!

2. Filming

I fly to your town and spend 3 days filming 6 months of your video content. We can even spend an extra day and grab promo video for ads, funnels, and sizzle reels.

3. The Magic

We take that video content and create hundreds to thousands of other pieces of video, social, blog, podcast, graphic, and other content assets.

4. Love it

We make sure you love every single piece of what we create for you, from start to finish through our quick and easy review and revision process.

5. Syndicate

We release, monitor, analyze and ensure strategic success of your content so you can focus on building your empire.

Let’s Talk!

Your message is meant for more.
Your platform is waiting for you.
It’s time for your coming out party.
It’s time for the spotlight.