Case Study: Dr. Titus Chiu - #1 Bestselling Author and Naturopathic Physician

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In Spring of 2019, Dr. Chiu gave us a challenge. He wanted to retain us for his Facebook marketing to sell out several in person programs that he would be runnging 4-6 months later….

Easy enough, we said.

But then the caveat- he would be traveling to France for an extended vacation and did not want to work while there.

The challenge:

✔️Re-warm up his Facebook audience, who was relatively dormant due to previous inconsistent posting

✔️Grow his following on Facebook

✔️ Attract more ideal clients that had brain injuries or brain health issues.

✔️Sell more of his #1 Bestselling Book, BrainSave!

✔️Increase registrants for his 5 day in-person healing BrainCamp! in Berkely, CA

How We Did It

✔️Created 8 long-form episodic-style professionally produced and edited videos that educated and nurture his audience and established him as the go-to expert in his industry

✔️Created dozens of pieces of micro content via video to drive traffic to the long videos and get his audience interacting

✔️Created hundreds of social media posts with concepts sourced from his videos

✔️Commented back on all audience comments, often encouraging further interaction.

✔️Posting frequent impactful video and written testimonials from patients and clients to further establish Dr. Chiu’s credibility

✔️Upleveled his B2C brand feel while still staying true to his previously chosen brand colors and fonts. 

✔️Strategically distributed all content with the intention to fill BrainCamp!


Video Content Marketing

We began by crafting high-end and professional episodic videos that educated and engaged his audience, releasing one long form video each and every week and promoting the video releases before and after.

Micro Content

We created dozens of video microcontent video, vemes, and animated GIFs that pushed viewers to the weekly episodic videos as well as to apply to work with him, while also building his thought leadership.

Social Proof

We edited and distributed video and written testimonials of Dr. Chiu’s client testimonials, book reviews, and  positive feedback to further build his credibility.


Social Media

We upleveled Dr. Chiu’s social media brand presenece while embracing his unique previously established brand colors and fonts.

What Dr. Chiu Says About KSM

“Recently I did an assessment of the practice and realized that marketing was KILLING IT. In the past, we had to rely on a big documentary or a podcast appearance for that to happen. Now it’s just consistent and we’re getting applications every day.”

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