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7 Figure Video Secrets

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Find out why video is so important to create a high profile, high end brand and how it can help you scale your business.

Module 1

Killer Video Content Learn about the fundamentals of created Killer Video Content that elevates your brand, profile, and business.

Module 2

Attraction- Learn how to not only identify your dream clients, but how to create a raving fanbase of loyal customers and audience members.

Module 3

Tech Optimization- Optimization the tech and backend properly in your business is the key to creating scalable programs and therefore a truly scalable business.

Module 4

Execution- How you do one thing is how you do everything and presenting a professional, high end personal brand is essential.

Module 5

Strategic Distribution- Coaches need to be omnipresent online and need get in from of their audience consistently. 


Content Planning Assets Vault- Get all of my tools that I use to plan my 7+ figure clients’ video content.