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The behind-the-scenes secrets to how to create high-end video that how my elite clients use video to sell out their offers, cement their thought leadership positioning, and go from successful but unknown to visibly leading at the highest levels.

What if...

What if everything you want for yourself is possible... and it's just laying at your feet, waiting for you to make the decision to take hold?

What if you could harness your unique talents, personality, values and expertise to build a personal brand empire that allows you to have the freedom to live your life by design?

What if you could leverage your experiences and life's work to make impactful change in the world, that also culminates in your undeniable legacy?

Hi, I'm Kate

I'm an Award-Winning Video Producer, Visibility Strategist, and Top 100 Marketing Leader in the US.

My forte is helping elite experts and entrepreneurs establish premium personal brands through video and unapologetic visibility.

My exclusive KATES system for profitable visibility will help you get your message to the people who need to hear it most while ushering in your new life of freedom, prosperity, and fulfillment - all doing what you love!

The Hard Truth

People are products. Businesses are people.

Are you’ve been hiding behind your work, your company, or your position.

Until you step forward and brand YOU. Until y


If you are anything like my exceptional clients you...

Are a leader.

You’re a natural born leader and and have achieved an exceptional amount of success in what you do and are ready to share your gifts with the world.


Are on a mission.

You’re on a mission to get your message to the masses, change the world, and bring your vision to life.

Want to be visible.

Visibility to you isn’t just about being seen, but how you’re seen. You value a truly professional and high-end presentation in everything you do.


Are on the rise.

You have achieved amazing things and know that video and visibility is important, but you don’t know where to start, don’t have the tech know-how or simply don’t have the time to figure it out on your own. .



Polished, Professional, Premium Video in The Comfort of Your Home or Office

You can have high end video direction and production even if you’re in a location with travel restrictions or have health and safety concerns. I mail you my plug and play filming equipment that I then remotely control while I personally direct your shoot- you don’t even have to leave home.

We spend several days (virtually) together, as I hold your hand through all of the pre-planned content and scripting as we batch film and co-create 6 months of video content. 

After your time filming virtually with me, my own personal team of video experts, editors, and producers will then go to work creating hundreds of additional pieces of high-level video and marketing assets that you can proudly use in your business for years to come.

How VIP Virtual Video Production Works

Video Planning & Scripting

We plan and create a bespoke video strategy, filming plan, scripts, and help you set up your home or office environment for filming.

Use of Our
Pro Video Kit

We mail you our pre-assembled VIP Pro Video Kit for use during your filming.

Remote Direction &
Camera Control

We spend a full 4 days with you, controlling the video equipment remotely, while Directing you and keeping you following the video plan and script.

Video Editing
at Scale

We turn 4 days of filming into 6+ months worth of video for your course, social media, ads, or website.



Call In

High Quality Dream Clients

Put an end to trying to sell to leads who can’t afford your services, aren’t motivated enough to get 


Your Thought Leadership

Being the go-to thought leader or influencer in your industry doesn’t have to be a pipe dream any longer. Leverage your experience, your work, and your success so that you become the most highly sought after expert in your niche.


Your Sales With Less Stress

Fill your programs, 1-on-1 roster, and online courses through systematic video visibility that is intended to move audience members from brand awareness to customer loyalty without you needing to hold their hand every step of the way.


Your Personal Brand

Create your unrivaled indsutry influence though elevated market positioning, personal branding, and online presence.


The Biggest Opportunities

Your new-found visibility paired with the time and freedom you get back in your life allows you to pursue publicity, finally write that book, and pursue more speaking opportunities, so you can further solidify your thought leadership. 


Your Life's Work and Legacy

Your life’s work is meant to be shared with the world. It’s destined to make an impact. It’s too important to be forgotten. Eternalize what you’ve worked so hard to achieve through video.



Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

You can't stand out as THE go-to thought leader in your industry if you're just blending in.

stand out

You can't stand out as THE go-to thought leader in your industry if you're just blending in.


Behind The Scenes With Top Industry Influencers


High Ticket & High Profile

Catch my weekly behind-the-scenes livestreams, secret VIP content, and rub shoulders with other on-the-rise industry influencers.




We Want to Get to Know YOU!

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with my team so we can learn more about you, your business dreams, and your thought leadership aspirations. No hard sales- my team won't make an offer unless they feel that I can truly help you and that we will be a great fit.




Frequently Asked Questions

I only work with the most talented, driven experts, coaches, consultants, service providers, and expert entrepreneurs.

The vast majority of my clients are not at all tech savvy- that’s why they hire me and I utilize my own personal techy team for them. No matter where you are on the techy spectrum, we’ll make sure you don’t fall behind.

No. We only provide our exceptional video editing skills for our clients and students who we are working with on a longer term basis.

Not a problem at all. We have Virtual Video Production Services and the Video Visibility Collective that were designed with COVID in mind. 

If you knew exactly what to say and how to do this, you wouldn’t be on this website. No matter how I work with you, strategy, planning and scripting videos is always an important part of the work we do together.

You’re in the right place.I have an unrivaled track record (browse this page a bit for some proof) with start ups to season pros alike.

The best way to find out which program is best for you is by booking a discovery call with my team.

If you’re just exploring your thought leadership potential or just starting to develop your personal brand, the Thought Leader Incubator may be perfect for you. 

If you’re already established and looking to scale your thought leadership and personal brand, or you have been exceptionally successful in your career or business and want to fast track your thought leadership, I recommend the VIP Video Experience or Virtual Video Production.

You have to be willing to use video to get the most out of my programs and services. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different kinds of video you can make to get around any aversion you may have about video.

We are not currently taking clients for general social media management or Facebook Ads management.

We only offer website and funnel builds for select private clients.

Please email my team anytime at and they’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.

You’re in the right place, my friend. I have a phenomenal track record (just scroll around this page a bit for proof) with start ups to season pros alike.


The behind-the-scenes secrets to how to create high-end video that how my elite clients use video to sell out their offers, cement their thought leadership positioning, and go from successful but unknown to visibly leading at the highest levels.



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