Why Every Coach NEEDS Video

Why Every Coach NEEDS Video

If you’re a coach, speaker, author, or expert of some kinda, you’ve probably heard by now that you need to use video, but you might not fully understand why. 

Maybe because you don’t know all the reasons, it’s held you back from either doing any video, or kept you from doing it consistently and showing up on video week after week.

So I’m going to give you my top four reasons (and there’s a ton more that I could write an entire book on) that online experts NEED to be using video.

#1- Build Know, Like, Trust, and Authority Through Video

The cold, hard truth is that probably no one knows who you are right now. Maybe, before this, you were a really good business person. Maybe you were really good at your job. Maybe you had entrepreneurial success in some other avenue. That epic success has prompted you to want to share your wisdom with others in your coaching, consulting, or speaking business. 

Well, now you’re starting from scratch. No one knows about how great you were in your last business or last job. No one has any idea how much wisdom and knowledge you can bring to the table. All they know is that it looks like you opened your doors recently and to them that much means you have 0 idea what you’re talking about. 

So how do we get over this hurdle?

You guessed it…. VIDEO, my friend. 

With video you’re immediately able to show how much you know and demonstrate that you have a system to bring transformation into the lives of your clients.

You’re able to tell your story and your experiences, virtually face to face with them, so they understand that you have a wide breadth of experience.

Your viewers also get to know you, like you, and trust you. The more they see your face, hear your voice, agree with what you say, and start to kind kinship with you, the more they are to become followers and customers. 

People don’t do business with businesses. People do business with people. 

#2- Give em’ a taste

That’s right, you want to give them a trailer. A preview. A taste of what it’s like to work with you.

Coaching, consulting, and speaking is a lot of… well… you. YOU are the main product, in essence (in addition to what pain you solve for the client)

But since it’s a lot of, well, YOU, you want to show prospects exactly what they can expect.

I have a business crush on Dan Lok. My favorite thing that he says is that for every $1,000 you want a client to spend with you, they should have consumed at least 1 hour of your content.

1. They know what your coaching will be like

2. They know what your program or talk will be like

3. They know your style and if they’re going to vibe with it or not

4. They know what to expect from you

If they think you’re a huge jerk in your video content, they’re probably going to hate working with you. Or maybe they will know “hey s/he’s a huge jerk, I know that, but I’m willing to deal with it in order to get XYZ result.” Either way it’s a win-win for you. You will never get that kind of authenticity from copy in the same way. 

The more video content of yours they consume, the more they’re going to understand EXACTLY what you’re about, what you teach, how your system works, and how it pertains to their situation. They will be entirely clear on your system and won’t go into your programs expecting things that you can’t deliver on because they simply aren’t in your wheelhouse. 

#3- Warm em’ up on autopilot

This is one of my FAVORITE things about video. 

I mentioned the Dan Lok $1k = 1hour equation above. Where that REALLY helps you is when it comes to sales. 

If someone has already consumed your content, then they are already warmed up and you had to do 0 work after the initial recording and syndication of that video. That video serves as a ready-to-go 24/7 autopilot salesperson for you.

If they’ve binged on your videos THEN get on the phone with you, so long as they are a qualified prospect, they should be the easiest sale on the planet.

It’s a longer game strategy, sure, but it works.

PRO TIP: Want to speed it up a bit? After a cold prospect books a discovery call, send them a series of warm-up video content to their inbox. Fire them up, inspire them, teach them, give them value. Watch your close rate soar.

#4- Work those assets, ladies!

I would say 9/10 coaches who ARE actually doing video will livestream it or film it, post it, then let it disappear into social media Never Never Land


You should be milking your videos for all that they’re worth.

Not only can they actually make you money in the future by using them as a course, as a bonuses, in a video vault, as webinars, as lead magnets, and other asset builders, you can also use your videos to make OTHER content. 

You can see my process week in and week out. First I made a video where I talked about why coaches need video. Then I transcribed it. Then I edited that transcription into this fabulous blog. Then I cut the blog down and posted half as an article on Linked In. Then I pulled a bunch of quotes out and made graphics for social media. Then I make the video into a meme for you social. For clients I’d even chop the video down further into 1-5 more mini videos but it’s not happening this week because we are onboarding a few new clients. 

This is how my agency works. We film 6 months worth of content over 3-4 days with a client. We then take that video content and create up to 1,000 other pieces of content from those.

Video is powerful. Leverage it to its maximum potential. The possibilities are endless.

Let me know in the comments, are you using video in your business???

Video Can Change Everything

Video Can Change Everything

Video not only helped me to grow my first business (a brick and mortar playspace and parenting center), but it allowed me to come into my own as an entrepreneur. 

Ironically enough, it now drives the entire purpose of my current business, passion, and life’s work of helping coaches and experts get their message to the masses.

When I started video years ago, it’s because I made the decision that I could no longer hide in the shadows with an unclear mission and message. 

I could no longer just continue to ride on the false mantra of “I built it, so they will come.”

Video forced me to show myself to the world in a way that most people never do. To let people see exactly what I knew… and hey… exactly what I didn’t. 

Video shows people YOU in a way that copy can’t. That’s graphic design can’t. 

It lets YOU shine through in all your glory. It lets prospects see who you are and what you really know. 

Yeah, it’s vulnerable. Yeah, it’s risky. But yeah, when you get it right, it can change EVERYTHING.

2 Ways to Tell if Your Content is Quality

2 Ways to Tell if Your Content is Quality

How do you know if your content is actually… well… any good? 

Unpopular opinion but if you’re just pumping out content just for the sake of it, you’re wasting your time. 

If you’ve never even thought to try to figure out if your content is moving the needle for your business, I want you to start looking at 2 very simple and easy things. Don’t overcomplicate this. Don’t stress over this. But it IS time to get your head out of the sand and start working smarter, not harder. 


The first thing that you want to do is to take a look at the data. 

1. How did it perform? 

2. How much engagement did you get on it? 

3. Did people watch the video, for example? 

4. Did people engage on the post? 

5. Did people share it?

6. In what ways did they interact with the post?

Now, you can put out what you think is great content, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to your target market thinking the same. 

It’s not enough to look at the straight numbers. What you want to look at is the percentages. 

For example, if you have 100 followers and 10 video views, kudos to you! That’s a respectable percentage of viewers. 

If you have 100,000 followers and 10 video views… well.. Sorry to say but that piece of content bombed big time. 

Nothing hurt though. Now you know and can make adjustments for the future. And by examining this data regularly, you can set baseline numbers and benchmarks for improvement. 

Watch the video about the best ways to tell if your content is crushing it or if it’s crushing you!

Did it get results?

The first question you should ask yourself is “Did this piece of content DO what I wanted it to?”

For some of you, you might be raising an eyebrow at me. “Kate, I’m just putting out content because I’ve been told I have to.”

No longer, my friend. Today is the day where you will begin to set intentions for your posts.

No more content churn for content sake. 

Here are some intentions you can start to think about

  • I want to make more people aware of who I am
  • I want to make more people aware of who I help
  • I want to make more people aware of what services I provide
  • I want to create more conversation in the post
  • I want to get at least 1 call booked
  • I want to get at least 5 email optins 
  • I want to lead someone to watch a second video of mine
  • I want more people to find me and follow me

These are just a few examples of intentions and goals that you can set for your content. 

When you set these intentions and goals for your posts, you can objectively look and determine if they did what you intended or if its missed the mark. 

The Power of Content

This is why content is so powerful. It allows you to tel you r target market, their pain points, their interests, what kinda of content they want to consume, what they take action on, and it allows you to understand how to effectively position yourself in the market 

But you benefit fully from your content creation without planning, strategy, awareness, and reviewing your content. 

Let me know in the comment- do you set goals and do you review your content performance regularly? If not, how do you feel about starting?!

Cool Tool: Find YEARS Worth of Content

Cool Tool: Find YEARS Worth of Content

Check out the replay of a LIVE TRAINING I did over on my Facebook Page.
One of my favorite segments, COOL TOOL OF THE DAY

This thing is AWESOME and lets you find YEARSSSSSS worth of content ideas in under a minute.

Skip to 2:00 for the tour of the tool

How Story Impacts Sales with Joe Arioto of MetaGrowth Adventures

How Story Impacts Sales with Joe Arioto of MetaGrowth Adventures

Joe Arioto of MetaGrowth Adventures has over 16000 hours 😱 of coaching and consulting under his belt and brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the show. He also uses video in his business as well as for his clients.

Joe has an amazing way of telling engaging stories, always with a life and business application that inspires and motivates you.

How To Get AWESOME Video Testimonials

How To Get AWESOME Video Testimonials

🌟Video Testimonials = Sales Gold.

They elevate your authority, build credibility, and can actually make sales for you.


1. The testimonials don’t actually get any sales messages across

2. Your happy testimonial-giving clients don’t know what to say

3. You don’t follow the 4 tips to getting awesome video testimonials that I’m about to show you in this week’s episode where I’m on set in Phoenix filming Chad Thibodeaux‘s mastermind and promo trailer. 


3 Ways to Build Your Authority with Social Media

3 Ways to Build Your Authority with Social Media

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, or even a service provider and you’re not fully booked out with clients, it is imperative that you begin to build your authority… like yesterday. Social media is one of the fastest ways to get the job done.

So many people that I talk to see social media as a promotional opportunity. And it is, in part. What they fail to see is social media as their soap box. As their stage light. As their megaphone. But most importantly, it’s what can instantly position them as an authority in this niche quickly and effectively.

I want to lay out my 3 favorite ways to Build Authority Quickly on Social Media and these are things that we start doing immediately with all of our social media management clients.

1. Weekly Episodic Videos

To work with me, my clients must commit to one weekly video. Now, they can choose to livestream or batch record them in one day for me to syndicate. For my longer contract clients, I’ll even fly to them and shoot all their content for them.

Why is this a must?

If you want to establish authority positioning, you have to SHOW THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING OUT.

Video is, by far, the fastest and easiest way to do this. Your followers are seeing you confidently speak on a topic, showing how much you know about it. They can ask questions in the comments and you can, again, show how much you know by answering them.

Posting them at the “same bat time, same bat channel” helps your audience begin to expect that you’ll be on at this set time and place each week, which also makes the little social media robots (aka the algorithm) happy so your video shows up to more people.

2. Repurposing Video Across Multiple Platforms

So now you’ve got this awesome video. We take it and repurpose it across multiple platforms- Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, your blog, your newsletter, etc. You want to show your authority everywhere, being omnipresent.

The more places you post, the more people have an opportunity to see that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them solve their problem.

Now, I don’t recommend just posting the same video identically everywhere on the same day. You want to post on the other platforms on different days and different times than the others. You’ll also want to adapt the content size and length to what performs on the platform.

For example, if you did a 10 minute video for Youtube, I’d cut it down into a 2 minute video and post it a few days later on LinkedIn. Then I’d make a 1 minute video from the 10 minute one for IG in square format for another day.

Spread the love around. 🙂

3. Interact, engage, and bring value

Pick 1 platform and go engage where you potential customers are.

My business focuses on coaches, consultants, course creators, and speakers. So I might go into a Facebook group that serves this demographic and look for questions that I can answer and bring really good non-spammy value to.

If IG is your jam, make a list of hashtags that your potential clients follow and go interact on other posts, bringing value and thought. Same thing for LinkedIn. Do this every day on the same hashtags.

People will start to notice after a short time. They will start to see that you know what you’re talking about. They will connect with you. They will recommend you. You just have to be diligent, consistent, and full of value bombs.

👉👉 How are you currently building authority online? Have you tried any of these methods yet??

Make The Camera LOVE You!

Make The Camera LOVE You!

Have you ever said “the camera hates me,” or “I hate how I sound,” or simply “I hate being on video?”

💕In this video, I’m going to give you my top tips on how to make sure that camera LOOOOOVEEESSSS ya, baby! 💕



Learn enough to be dangerous! This guide helps you avoid the pain of making mistakes and wasting money on Facebook Ads OR hiring the wrong agency to manage your social media accounts.

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