I enjoyed our meeting, Jason! 2021 is your year to step forward fully in your personal brand of dsitinction.

During our call, you identified that you would like to grow to 60 students per month in your training program and maintain you 14 1-on-1 clients, but may also be open to future scalable hybrid options. You confirmed that having professional and strategically planned video would be an important component in your success this year.

 You can have high end video direction and production even if you’re in a location with travel restrictions or have health and safety concerns. I mail you my plug and play filming equipment that I then remotely control while I personally direct your shoot- you don’t even have to leave home.

We spend several days (virtually) together, as I hold your hand through all of the pre-planned content and scripting as we batch film and co-create 6 months of video content. 

After your time filming virtually with me, my own personal team of video experts, editors, and producers will then go to work creating hundreds of additional pieces of high-level video and marketing assets that you can proudly use in your business for years to come.

How VIP Virtual Video Production Works

Video Planning & Scripting

We plan and create a bespoke video strategy, filming plan, scripts, and help you set up your home or office environment for filming.

Use of Our
Pro Video Kit

We mail you our pre-assembled VIP Pro Video Kit for use during your filming.

Remote Direction &
Camera Control

We spend a full 4 days with you, controlling the video equipment remotely, while Directing you and keeping you following the video plan and script.

Video Editing
at Scale

We turn 4 days of filming into 6+ months worth of video for your course, social media, ads, or website. We strive to maximize and multiply your videos so that your expertise can be fully leveraged.

Work Samples + Testimonials

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Kim Woods


Kim Woods has an engaged, dedicated following and was in the process of launching several new high ticket group programs. We identified and met three primary objectives:

Greatly improve production value of videos

Not only did we significantly improve the visual and audio of her videos with our VIP Video Kit, we created high end intros, outros, graphics, BRoll, and other assets to bring her production to a whole other level

Create video that could be multiplied and repurposed

From 5 days of filming, we created over 6 months’ worth of video long form content, micro content, teasers, promotional videos, funnel videos. as well course content.

Create video with focused messaging and strategy rather than off the cuff video content

We spent many hours before filming as well as throughout film week dialing in her current and future messaging and strategy so that we captured content that move the needle for her business now and in the future. According to Kim, the messaging clarity and strategy she received from her experience was worth the investment alone.

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