I'm so looking forward to our meeting! We would love to help you create more Polished, Professional, Premium Video in The Comfort of Your Home or Office that Actually Moves the Needle for Your Business!

You can have high end video direction and production even if you’re in a location with travel restrictions or have health and safety concerns. I mail you my plug and play filming equipment that I then remotely control while I personally direct your shoot- you don’t even have to leave home.

We spend several days (virtually) together, as I hold your hand through all of the pre-planned content and scripting as we batch film and co-create 6 months of video content. 

After your time filming virtually with me, my own personal team of video experts, editors, and producers will then go to work creating hundreds of additional pieces of high-level video and marketing assets that you can proudly use in your business for years to come.

How VIP Virtual Video Production Works

Video Planning & Scripting

We plan and create a bespoke video strategy, filming plan, scripts, and help you set up your home or office environment for filming.

Use of Our
Pro Video Kit

We mail you our pre-assembled VIP Pro Video Kit for use during your filming.

Remote Direction &
Camera Control

We spend a full 4 days with you, controlling the video equipment remotely, while Directing you and keeping you following the video plan and script.

Video Editing
at Scale

We turn 4 days of filming into 6+ months worth of video for your course, social media, ads, or website.

Work Samples + Testimonials

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Kim Woods


Kim Woods has an engaged, dedicated following and was in the process of launching several new high ticket group programs. We identified and met three primary objectives:

Greatly improve production value of videos

Not only did we significantly improve the visual and audio of her videos with our VIP Video Kit, we created high end intros, outros, graphics, BRoll, and other assets to bring her production to a whole other level

Create video that could be multiplied and repurposed

From 5 days of filming, we created over 6 months’ worth of video long form content, micro content, teasers, promotional videos, funnel videos. as well course content.

Create video with focused messaging and strategy rather than off the cuff video content

We spent many hours before filming as well as throughout film week dialing in her current and future messaging and strategy so that we captured content that move the needle for her business now and in the future. According to Kim, the messaging clarity and strategy she received from her experience was worth the investment alone.

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You don't need me.

Winners are going to win. They don't "need" anything or anyone except for themselves. But winners also know that harnessing the right strategies, tools, and people can get them to where they want to go faster.
If you got here, it's because you're already on-the-rise. I just want to help you get to the top even faster.

If you are anything like my exceptional clients you...

Are a leader.

You’re a natural born leader and and have achieved an exceptional amount of success in what you do and are ready to share your gifts with the world.


Are on a mission.

You’re on a mission to get your message to the masses, change the world, and bring your vision to life.

Want to be visible.

Visibility to you isn’t just about being seen, but how you’re seen. You value a truly professional and high-end presentation in everything you do.


Are on the rise.

You have achieved amazing things and know that video and visibility is important, but you don’t know where to start, don’t have the tech know-how or simply don’t have the time to figure it out on your own. .



Brielle Cotterman

PR AGENCY FOUNDER & Publicity expert

Brielle Cotterman was growing a high ticket, high level public relations agency for coaches, speakers, and authors and needed keystone video content created for her website and for a group program launch.

Greatly improve production value of videos

Not only did we significantly improve the visual and audio of her videos with our VIP Video Kit, we created high end intros, outros, graphics, BRoll, and other assets to bring her production to a whole other level

Create and implement video that attracted high-ticket clients

Not only did we create months’ worth of high end videos from just a few days of filming, saving Brielle and her time countless hours and resources, but over a 6 month period, Brielle was able to increase her 1:1 service price by 300%!


You can't stand out as THE go-to thought leader in your industry if you're just blending in.


Cecilia Gorman


Cecilia Gorman trains managers within creative and advertising agencies to become better leaders. She offers online workshops, in person team intensives, keynote speeches, and evergreen online courses.

She had one primary main focus and objective that she wished to achieve by retaining KSM.

Build instant credibility within the advertising agency niche

In an industry where the final product matters over all else, Cecilia identified that her video content needed to match the high level of creative work than her target market was creating for their Fortune 100 clients. We quickly boosted her video’s production value for her videos to be used on Youtube and in her online course. 

We created many dozens of high end , strategic pieces of content, turning a few days of filming into many months’ worth of content for Youtube, her course, Facebook, and Instagram. Her team also repurposed those videos into hundreds of posts, graphics, blogs, and other assets. 


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More of Our Work



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Behind The Scenes With Top Industry Influencers




You have no competition

You have no true competition. Because you are uniquely you.
Our zone of genius is bringing our YOUR zone of genius forward on video in a way that is truly authentic, high-end, and that immediately transforms your personal brand into a brand of note and distinction.




Frequently Asked Questions

I only work with the most talented, driven experts, coaches, consultants, service providers, and expert entrepreneurs.

The vast majority of my clients are not at all tech savvy- that’s why they hire me and I utilize my own personal techy team for them. No matter where you are on the techy spectrum, we’ll make sure you don’t fall behind.

No. We only provide our exceptional video editing skills for our clients and students who we are working with on a longer term basis.

Not a problem at all. All of our services and programs have fully virtual options.

If you knew exactly what to say and how to do this, you wouldn’t be on this website. No matter how I work with you, strategy, planning and scripting videos is always an important part of the work we do together.

You’re in the right place.I have an unrivaled track record (browse this page a bit for some proof) with start ups to season pros alike.

You have to be willing to use video to get the most out of my programs and services. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different kinds of video you can make to get around any aversion you may have about video.

We do not offer these services, however we have AMAZING strategic partners we can refer you to that we’re used to working in lock step with to fully round out your marketing team. 

We only offer website and funnel builds for select private clients.

Please email my team anytime at hi@kateschnetzer.com and they’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.


Let's do this!

If you've gotten this far, it's because you know the impact that video can have on your thought leadership, your business, your life, and your legacy. We take a limited amount of clients at a time so that we can give them the VIP treatment they deserve.

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