Video not only helped me to grow my first business (a brick and mortar playspace and parenting center), but it allowed me to come into my own as an entrepreneur. 

Ironically enough, it now drives the entire purpose of my current business, passion, and life’s work of helping coaches and experts get their message to the masses.

When I started video years ago, it’s because I made the decision that I could no longer hide in the shadows with an unclear mission and message. 

I could no longer just continue to ride on the false mantra of “I built it, so they will come.”

Video forced me to show myself to the world in a way that most people never do. To let people see exactly what I knew… and hey… exactly what I didn’t. 

Video shows people YOU in a way that copy can’t. That’s graphic design can’t. 

It lets YOU shine through in all your glory. It lets prospects see who you are and what you really know. 

Yeah, it’s vulnerable. Yeah, it’s risky. But yeah, when you get it right, it can change EVERYTHING.