Congrats on purchasing the High Ticket and High Profile Video Planning Wizard

We have planned, created, and distributed THOUSANDS of hours of video content for our 7 and 8 figure clients over the years. We know the challenges and the pitfalls. But we also know the HUGE impact that video can make in your business.

This is the exact video content planning system we've used at Kate Schnetzer Marketing for years to plan and script our clients' content. Those videos have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our high ticket coaching clients.

Now you get access to a piece of their unfair advantage!

Psssst... Because we are just now releasing our secret system to the market, and you took fast action, you will also get complimentary updates of new versions!


Pro Tips Before You Jump In

This system is completely plug and play (or feel free to customize it to your heart’s content). Just watch the demo videos and follow along with me through the system demos to reduce your learning curve. 

Progress over Perfection

This system is meant to help you move faster and more efficiently through your video content so that you can put out more and more videos = more sales and more impact on the world. Do not overthink this! This is your opportunity to move past analysis paralysis and start putting out tons of video content!

Use The Wizard To Springboard Your Scroll-Stopping Copy

While this is a video content planning system, you can copy and paste much of your content plan into your copy/post description. But be sure you’re always thinking about stopping your prospects scroll through social media. What will make them watch?

Make Sure You're Thinking About Your Target and Ideal Client

As you plan, make sure that you have your ideal client in your mind. This will help you create video content that will truly move the needle for your business.

Get The Most Out Of Your Video Content

Don’t just post a video and forget it. Find ways to create more and more content from that one video. The possiboilities are endless on what else you can create from just one video. We’ve 50X videos for our clients all.the.time.

Step 1: Sign Up For Airtable

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Airtable is an amazing platform perfect for everything from project management to HR to content planning. It’s like an Excel Spreadsheet on steroids, providing multiple views, record linking, and other techy delights. We’ve created our V1 to be plug and play and super simple, so that even if you aren’t techy, you can jump right in. 

If you are more on the techy end, check back for the advanced module for customizations and other options to level up your HTHP Planning System

<<<First thing is first, sign up for Airtable! Click the button below to sign up. If you need additional help, watch this video for a walk through.

Step 2: Copy The Video Content Planner To Your Airtable

The next step is to copy the Content planning System over to your Airtable Workspace, so that you can start planning. 

When you go to this link, you will not be able to directly edit it. You MUST copy the base over to your Airtable to edit. 

Click the button below to access the template, then click “Copy Base” in the top right corner. If you need more guidance, watch this video for a walkthrough. >>>

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Step 3: Create Your CTA Database

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One of the biggest mistakes most coaches and entrepenrus make in their videos is never giving a Call To Action (“CTA”). You want to always tell your audience what it is you want them to do.

First decide what is the desired result from the video- do you want them to comment? Do you want them to book a call? To download something? To share it? 

With our clients, I gather as many relevant CTAs as they might need over several months so that I an plug them easily into any content plans or scripts I make for them. 

<< Watch the video to see how to use the CTA Database.

Step 3: Plan Out Your Video Content

Now here’s the juicy stuff! I’ve provided you with hundreds of video content prompts to use. You can use them as is or customize them. These are intended to be springboards and for inspiration, as they may not all 100% apply to you and your business. 

In each and field, you’ll want to follow my instructions in this video to get the most out of your script >>>>

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Step 4: Process Your Script Through the Wizard

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After you’ve planned your content, the wizard will automatically create a printable script based on your planning. Of course you can also just keep the script up on your computer during your video or send a screenshot to your phone. Whatever works best for you to reference easily during your video. 

Remember the goal is not to read a script word for word like an actor, but use the script to prompt you, move you efficiently through the video, and ensure that all of your genius and brilliance comes through. 

BONUS: Customization and Advanced Functions (coming soon)

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