So we were in the middle of a polar vortex, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how cold I was, so I was wasting time in my newsfeed looking at funny memes about said topic.

When I was served up a random hard sell Facebook ad from a “marketing guru” that I had never heard of before.

Here I am, freezing my face off, and complaining that people
It dawned on me how few companies actually spend any time warming up their audiences on social media before hitting them with their offer.

Think of warming up your audience like this:

When users are scrolling through social media, it’s kind of like they’re out a house party. They’re hanging out, having a drink, socializing, making new friends, and enjoying their free time.

Now what if a used car salesman, who no one knew, waltzed in and started hard selling.

What would happen?

This guy would get kicked out immediately, right?

This is the same thing that companies all over Facebook and Instagram are doing day in and day out. They’re hard selling people that have never heard of them, have never engaged with them, and who frankly, don’t want to hear from them at that time.

Here’s the caveat though…

Had this guru put an ad in front of me that had valuable content in it, that helped me in some way or that was actionable for me THEN the next day hit me with the pitch, I would have been MUCH more likely to engage with that offer.

But nope, he spent more money on his conversion ad than he needed to and now I have a negative association with his name.

Social media is just that… social. By understanding, accepting, and embracing the nature of these platforms we can not only respect the users within the platform, but also increase our sales by playing nice with the intent of the platform itself.

Rather watch this on video? Check out my Facebook video on this exact topic: