We Have Fun

Here at Kate Schnetzer Marketing, we definitely have a BLAST when we are on set with our clients. Whether we’re doing run and gun work, helping them vlog, creating content, or doing a full production promotional trailer with them.

But along with the fun, we’re also ensure that each of our clients…

1. Feels supported

2. Comes across as their fabulous authentic selves

3. Gets their sales message across

4. Stays in alignment with their mission and vision

5. Stays focused on the 3 E (Education, Engagement, and Entertainment) to keep their future viewers riveted

We are able to do this seamlessly because we IMMERSE ourselves in our clients’ business and brand long before the filming. We know them, their voice, their tastes, their inspirations, their audience, and their goals like the back of our hands before we EVER get behind a camera.

Sure, you can hire a videographer and get some pretty footage. But does your videographer check all those boxes for you that I mentioned above?

If not, you’re just paying a pretty video.

If you’re serious about creating video that sells, gets an ROI, that works to generate leads for life, that positions you as the go- to expert in you niche, and that scales your income, influence, and impact…. then you need MORE than just pretty video.

DM us and let’s talk more about how we can help you scale through video, content, and digital marketing in 2020.

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