Why Every Coach NEEDS Video

If you’re a coach, speaker, author, or expert of some kinda, you’ve probably heard by now that you need to use video, but you might not fully understand why. 

Maybe because you don’t know all the reasons, it’s held you back from either doing any video, or kept you from doing it consistently and showing up on video week after week.

So I’m going to give you my top four reasons (and there’s a ton more that I could write an entire book on) that online experts NEED to be using video.

#1- Build Know, Like, Trust, and Authority Through Video

The cold, hard truth is that probably no one knows who you are right now. Maybe, before this, you were a really good business person. Maybe you were really good at your job. Maybe you had entrepreneurial success in some other avenue. That epic success has prompted you to want to share your wisdom with others in your coaching, consulting, or speaking business. 

Well, now you’re starting from scratch. No one knows about how great you were in your last business or last job. No one has any idea how much wisdom and knowledge you can bring to the table. All they know is that it looks like you opened your doors recently and to them that much means you have 0 idea what you’re talking about. 

So how do we get over this hurdle?

You guessed it…. VIDEO, my friend. 

With video you’re immediately able to show how much you know and demonstrate that you have a system to bring transformation into the lives of your clients.

You’re able to tell your story and your experiences, virtually face to face with them, so they understand that you have a wide breadth of experience.

Your viewers also get to know you, like you, and trust you. The more they see your face, hear your voice, agree with what you say, and start to kind kinship with you, the more they are to become followers and customers. 

People don’t do business with businesses. People do business with people. 

#2- Give em’ a taste

That’s right, you want to give them a trailer. A preview. A taste of what it’s like to work with you.

Coaching, consulting, and speaking is a lot of… well… you. YOU are the main product, in essence (in addition to what pain you solve for the client)

But since it’s a lot of, well, YOU, you want to show prospects exactly what they can expect.

I have a business crush on Dan Lok. My favorite thing that he says is that for every $1,000 you want a client to spend with you, they should have consumed at least 1 hour of your content.

1. They know what your coaching will be like

2. They know what your program or talk will be like

3. They know your style and if they’re going to vibe with it or not

4. They know what to expect from you

If they think you’re a huge jerk in your video content, they’re probably going to hate working with you. Or maybe they will know “hey s/he’s a huge jerk, I know that, but I’m willing to deal with it in order to get XYZ result.” Either way it’s a win-win for you. You will never get that kind of authenticity from copy in the same way. 

The more video content of yours they consume, the more they’re going to understand EXACTLY what you’re about, what you teach, how your system works, and how it pertains to their situation. They will be entirely clear on your system and won’t go into your programs expecting things that you can’t deliver on because they simply aren’t in your wheelhouse. 

#3- Warm em’ up on autopilot

This is one of my FAVORITE things about video. 

I mentioned the Dan Lok $1k = 1hour equation above. Where that REALLY helps you is when it comes to sales. 

If someone has already consumed your content, then they are already warmed up and you had to do 0 work after the initial recording and syndication of that video. That video serves as a ready-to-go 24/7 autopilot salesperson for you.

If they’ve binged on your videos THEN get on the phone with you, so long as they are a qualified prospect, they should be the easiest sale on the planet.

It’s a longer game strategy, sure, but it works.

PRO TIP: Want to speed it up a bit? After a cold prospect books a discovery call, send them a series of warm-up video content to their inbox. Fire them up, inspire them, teach them, give them value. Watch your close rate soar.

#4- Work those assets, ladies!

I would say 9/10 coaches who ARE actually doing video will livestream it or film it, post it, then let it disappear into social media Never Never Land


You should be milking your videos for all that they’re worth.

Not only can they actually make you money in the future by using them as a course, as a bonuses, in a video vault, as webinars, as lead magnets, and other asset builders, you can also use your videos to make OTHER content. 

You can see my process week in and week out. First I made a video where I talked about why coaches need video. Then I transcribed it. Then I edited that transcription into this fabulous blog. Then I cut the blog down and posted half as an article on Linked In. Then I pulled a bunch of quotes out and made graphics for social media. Then I make the video into a meme for you social. For clients I’d even chop the video down further into 1-5 more mini videos but it’s not happening this week because we are onboarding a few new clients. 

This is how my agency works. We film 6 months worth of content over 3-4 days with a client. We then take that video content and create up to 1,000 other pieces of content from those.

Video is powerful. Leverage it to its maximum potential. The possibilities are endless.

Let me know in the comments, are you using video in your business???

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