No more hiding in the shadows.
No more looking low budget.
No more anonymity for you, my friend.
It’s YOUR time.
It’s time to become a Vidfluencer.

Are You A Coach Who Is…

✔️Struggling to get to 7 figures (or even high 6 figures)?
✔️Paying multiple agencies or freelancers to do piecemeal marketing activities that don’t bring you an ROI?
✔️Frustrated that your marketing isn’t consistently attracting the high ticket clients you know you can get results for?
✔️Finding that word of mouth and referrals just aren’t cutting it anymore and you want to scale?
✔️Feeling like your personal brand image is simply LOW BUDGET and you’re tired of it?


✔️Having all of your video, social media, blog, and newsletter content professionally planned, produced, edited, released, and managed for you…

✔️ Having your own genuine, authentic marketing team, that knows how to make YOU and YOUR MESSAGE shine through (without the HR hassle and expense)…

✔️Never having to rack your brain to figure out what content or campaigns to post when- it just magically appears on your social media…

✔️Filling up your pipeline with warm leads who are excited about your mission and can’t wait to work with you so you can get to high six figures or finally break through to 7 figures…

✔️Making the income you’ve always dreamed of, living the life you’ve always imagined, and FINALLY being the 7 figure coach you always knew you could be.

BECOME A Vidfluencer

vidfluencer noun

vid·​flu·​enc·​er | \ vid-ˌflü-ən(t)-sər

Definition of vidfluencer

one who exerts influence in their niche or industry through video content a person who inspires or guides the actions of others by leveraging the power of video content


Our one-of-a-kind process takes all of the marketing off your hands, giving you ROI and peace of mind.

Killer Video Content

We help you plan your content, then come to you to film 6 months worth of engaging high quality video that positions you as an expert and influencer and gets you leads for life.


We plan and create a strategic content web of attraction to bring in the clients that you’re most passionate about serving.


Depending on your package, we create, set up, and optimize your social media channels, website, funnels, ads, integrations, bots, and automations to make sure that everything is working like the well-oiled sales and marketing machine that you need to succeed.


We strategically release and position all of your digital marketing  content while monitoring key performance indicators and make changes necessary to ensure return on investment.


We take all that video content and go to work to create and release hundreds to thousands of pieces of social media posts, graphics, podcasts, lead magnets, blogs, newsletters, clips, memes, vemes, and supportive marketing assets.

Let’s Talk!

Your message is meant for more.
Your platform is waiting for you.
It’s time for your coming out party.
It’s time for the spotlight.